Ma Chaojun 馬超俊

Based on: Suping Lu, A Dark Page in History. The Nanjing Massacre and Post-Massacre Social Conditions Recorded in British Diplomatic Dispatches, Admiralty Documents and U.S. Naval Intelligence Reports. Lanham 2012

Last updated: 23/07/2019

Ma Chaojun“, public domain in Japan

Ma Chaojun was born on 20 September 1886 in Taishan, Guangdong Province. In 1900, he worked at a machinery factory in Hong Kong. Two years later, he traveled to the United States and began studying engineering in San Francisco. There he met Sun Yat-sen and became one of his followers. He went back to China to join the 1911 Revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty. In 1932, he became mayor of Nanjing, a post he also held between 1935-1937 and 1945-1946. In 1949, he left mainland China for Taiwan.
Ma died on 19 September 1977 in Taipei.

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