Okazaki Katsuo 岡崎勝男

Based on: Suping Lu, A Dark Page in History. The Nanjing Massacre and Post-Massacre Social Conditions Recorded in British Diplomatic Dispatches, Admiralty Documents and U.S. Naval Intelligence Reports. Lanham 2012

Last updated: 23/07/2019

Katsuo Okazaki, edited by Abasaa, public domain in Japan

Okazaki Katsuo was born on 10 July 1897 in Yokohama. He obtained his B.A. in economics from Tokyo Imperial University and joined the Foreign Ministry in 1922. He subsequently served in England, China, and the United States and became Consul General at large in Shanghai in 1937.

In 1949, Okazaki was elected member of parliament (until 1955) and joined Prime Minister Yoshida Shigeru’s cabinet as Chief Cabinet Secretary in 1950. From 1952 to 1954 he served as Foreign Minister and from 1961 to 1963 as Ambassador to the United Nations.
Okazaki died on 10 October 1965 in Tokyo.

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